Glenn Espig – Jewelry Designs

Raised in the countryside of the northwest and the east coast, Glenn Espig’s appreciation of nature and creating was shaped by his adventurous, independent spirit as he discovered the world around him.

Glenn’s love for creating started at the age of six; transforming tire weights into lead soldiers. During his early years, wood, metal, and stone were eagerly transformed by his young hands.

While in college, Glenn focused his artistic attention on fabricating adornments with precious metals. Glenn presented his jewelry creations at the Santa Barbara Beach Show and numerous art shows up and down the west coast of California, winning his first of many awards at the Western Art Show in 1975. Many of Glenn’s customers still cherish their jewelry pieces that exhibit fine inlays of malachite and lapis, distinctive design elements of his earlier jewelry creations from the ’70s.

In 1974 Glenn opened his first bricks-and-mortar jewelry store in Santa Barbara, CA. Partnering with award-winning jewelry artist Ingerid Oliver (now Ingerid Ekeland), Oliver & Espig has been attracting jewelry collectors worldwide for over four decades.

Always wanting the finest materials, Glenn travels the globe to forge relationships with mine owners and jewelry artists, bringing together one of the most remarkable collections of rare colored gemstones and international jewelry design talent from around the world. Glenn’s ability to recognize and nurture talent recently led Oliver and Espig to win two consecutive AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Spectrum Awards.

Between entrepreneurial adventures and exhibiting in luxury jewelry and fine arts shows across the nation, Glenn promotes sustainable luxury on the west coast at Oliver and Espig Gallery of Fine Arts in Montecito, California. Sharing his extensive knowledge and appreciation for colored gemstones and showcasing award-winning jewelry and art has been Glenn’s passion for over forty-five years, but he is always excited about what the future might bring.

Jewelmer chose to partner with Mr. Espig to open a boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. The boutique exclusively exhibits the most luxurious South Sea golden pearl jewelry and is the premiere Jewelmer store in America.