Power. Passion. Hot. Fiery. Rich. Bold. Strong. What wonderful words to describe a ruby, one of the most lustrous, rare and desirable gemstones on earth! Ruby is a variety of corundum, the mineral associated with the sapphire family of gemstone. What differentiates it from a sapphire is its color, RED, which is its most important feature. The red color of ruby is caused by the presence of the mineral chromium in the corundum material. Due to ruby’s close association with the sapphire, it is also the second hardest mineral on earth. A minimum of color saturation must be met before a gemstone can receive the status and classification as a ruby. Ruby is one of the four precious stones, the others being emerald, diamond and sapphire. Ruby is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones and is known as the, “king of precious stones.” Ruby is the birthstone for July and is also a recognized gift to celebrate the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.