Francis Jansen

Francis JansenDutch-born, self-taught sculptor Francis H. Jansen feels drawn to her chosen medium through her intuitive envisioning. Working with stone and bronze, Francis sees her sculptures as doorways within the yet un-manifested, like dreaming the unrealized that is energetically present within the material world.  Her sculptural work is a spirit-driven illustration of the different dimensions of life within our own, bringing the “dreaming world” into focus as it intertwines with our known reality.

Francis is most recognized for her monumental sculpture Transformation Through Forgiveness, a 5 ton, 12 foot tall Italian Marble sculpture of an eagle merged with a Native American man. The artist unveils her sculptural creations to all who appreciate a deeper sense of our human experience, with an understanding that there is more to our learned perception than what is limited by our culture, family structure, and society.