Kestas Urbaitis – Wood Sculptures

Kestas UrbaitisMaster wood sculptor Kestas Urbaitis allows his hands to be guided by the unique and inherent qualities ingrained in each organic specimen, releasing the wild and innate features of each wood species to influence his creation. Encouraged by his master sculptor grandfather and father, Kestas began working in wood at the young age of five. Growing up in Lithuania, he was greatly influenced by the region’s long tradition of master craftsman. With great artistry, his hands can cause a redwood’s surface to shimmer and ripple like velvet ribbons. He can tease out the plump cherubs and unfurl lush acanthus leaves hiding deep in mahogany. He can coax roaring lions into emerging their graceful forms from the richest walnut. To Kestas, wood is alive with energy and inherent beauty, he works to reveal and release this inborn energy endowed by nature.